How Can You Improve Your Online Reputation?

By: Nate Fineberg
August 25, 2022
Online Reputation

With so many customers doing everything online these days, it’s crucial for businesses to maintain their online reviews to preserve their positive reputations. The first thing a potential customer will see when they look up your business online is your Google Business Profile, which includes customer reviews. Through online reputation management, you can leverage good reviews, incentivize reviews, and manage poor reviews to ensure your online reputation remains intact and your business continues to grow. 

Leverage Positive Online Reviews

Your online reviews may exist across multiple platforms, and it’s important to know where all of them are. Customers might leave reviews via Google, Yelp, Angi, Facebook, and many other sites. They may also be sharing videos or photos of your products or discussing your customer service on any number of social media platforms. In order to encourage positive online reviews and make them work for you as free advertising, you must be aware of all of the avenues through which customers are discussing your company. You can then leverage these positive online reviews and make them work for you. 

Share positive reviews on your website, social media platforms, and advertising materials to attract new customers. This is a quick and easy way to show your customers you care about their feedback while also building trust with new customers who can now quickly and easily see that you’re a company that they can rely on.

Incentivize Customer Reviews

Another quick, easy, and inexpensive way to gain positive online reviews is to incentivize customer reviews. This is particularly lucrative with new customers, as it will encourage them to become repeat customers. They will also be much more likely to recommend your products and services to friends and family. When a customer makes a purchase, encourage them to leave a review by offering a small discount on their next purchase with you. They’re more likely to leave a positive online review if you’re offering them something positive in return. 

Respond to Negative Reviews

While you may be tempted to ignore negative online reviews, your company’s online reputation depends upon you responding to them politely and constructively. Even one negative online review can discourage new customers from using your services, especially if it’s shared on social media or is the first thing that pops up when someone Googles your business. 

When responding to a negative customer review, it’s key to remain friendly, professional, and direct. The main goals are to ensure the customer feels heard, and to make it right whenever possible. This means fixing their issue, providing a refund or replacement, or offering them a discount. Other people will see the online review and your response and it will build confidence in your brand as one that is engaged with their customers and committed to providing a quality service or product.

Maintain Your Google Business Profile

Your Google Business profile is a free tool that works for you and is a great resource for customers trying to find out more about your business. When a customer Googles your business, your Google Business Profile is the first thing that pops up. A customer can see where you’re located, how to reach you, your website address, your products and services, pictures and videos, and online reviews. If you claim this profile and update it regularly, your customers are more likely to see you as a company they can trust.

Create Consistent Branding and Marketing 

Your online brand is key to helping you maintain a positive online reputation, especially if you’re a small business competing with big corporations or box stores. Part of creating consistent branding and marketing is by establishing yourself as being savvy online. A customer is much more likely to use a local company if it’s clear that those in the company are maintaining a robust online presence. If they Google your business and find outdated information, no web presence, inconsistent branding, and no online reviews, they might assume you’re no longer in business or that you aren’t really that committed to running your business. Using consistent branding and marketing throughout online platforms establishes you as a reputable business that customers can trust. 

Consult an Expert in Reputation Management

One thing that all business owners eventually learn, no matter how big or small their company, is that sometimes you just have to use an expert. There is only so much that you can do on your own, and you’re likely to waste time and money trying to handle every single tiny element of your online marketing yourself. Hiring experts in key areas is a strategic move that will help your business be more successful, run more smoothly, and have room to grow. If the idea of managing your company’s online reviews and online reputation seems daunting to your or you know you just don’t have the time, hire an outside company with experience in online reputation management. They will ensure that you retain loyal customers, manage unhappy customers, and get more positive online reviews than negative ones. 

Contact Us at Group6 Interactive for Professional Online Reputation Management

If you want to help your business grow, retain customers, and succeed in the online marketplace, managing your online reputation and online reviews is a key element of your potential success. At Group6 Interactive, we offer strategic, professional online reputation management services that will help your company become more visible online and seem more trustworthy and dependable. We also offer web design, web development, web hosting, online marketing, SEO services, graphic design, and logo and brand identity design services. All of our services will help your business succeed in a competitive marketplace, and free up your time to focus on other key aspects of running your business. If you’re interested in learning more about our online reputation management or other services, call us today at (802) 342-4656 or contact us online

Written by:
Nate Fineberg
Nate Fineberg is the owner, president and CEO of Group6 Interactive. With a long history in the creative space as a high performing web developer, he has decades of enterprise level industry experience. Before starting Group6 Interactive, Nate worked as a web developer at IDEA, a Houston Texas based creative agency before moving on to SONY, located in San Diego California, as a senior Web Developer.
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