Web Design – Making or Breaking an Online Business

By: Nate Fineberg
January 14, 2022

Numerous factors lead to a successful online presence, web design being the most important one. Online businesses can enjoy massive success by incorporating simple efforts into their web design. However, most people make the mistake of taking their websites for granted. Remember to put the right recipe with the best elements into your website. 

These days, merely having a standard website isn’t enough to take your online business to greater heights. Moreover, you don’t want to end up in the dumpster with thousands of other online business websites that have failed to maintain their site. Trust us; website design efforts will never go in vain!

Web design gives you an opportunity for brand positioning, maximizing profits, and many other benefits for your online business. So, are you ready to learn how web design can make or break your online business? Let’s get started!

Group6 Interactive is a Vermont-based web design company that facilitates web development and design for businesses in the US.

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What Does a Good Web Design Do For an Online Business?

You might be wondering about all the hype surrounding website design. Let us tell you that a good website design has the potential to take your online business from 0 to 100 in just a  few months.

Think about this – aren’t you instantly attracted to a good design? Well, you should attempt to do the same for your visitors. Let’s see what a good design can yield for your online business!

First Impression for Your Online Presence

Your website is potentially the first impression of your business. These days, most customers check out the brand or company online before taking their services. These customers check out the website, and within a split second, they form opinions about your brand. Having a good website design adds to customer satisfaction. 

Your business can enjoy a positive first impression with a highly responsive and appealing website. On that note, you should also remember that an out-of-date web page can deter your customers from taking any action.

Maintains Brand Consistency and Boosts Trust

One of the key reasons to have an updated and appealing website is that it can go a long way to enhance trust and maintain brand consistency. Most people assess the integrity and authenticity of your business by judging your online site. A trendy and professional website can help companies foster trust. 

An amateur or outdated website will have the customers questioning your business’ credibility. Besides, consumers can identify a successful and popular brand by looking at the logo and colors. So, you can incorporate the same design values in your website as your brand.

Expands Reach

An online business with a cleverly built site can help you contact a more interactive audience. As a part of your website design, you can include client testimonials, attracting more people. These simple web design considerations can give good results for your business. 

What’s more, a well-thought web design can also help you target specific customers and unlock higher ROI. With a website that loads at lightning speed, features exciting content, and uses excellent visuals, the customer has no choice but to keep coming back! 

Enforces Positive SEO Practices

If you’ve been running a website even for a year, you’ll already know the importance of SEO. The good news is that a practical website design also considers SEO. The different web design elements and techniques contribute to your site’s publishing abilities. As a result, it affects the ranking and crawling of your site on top search engines. 

A good web design will strike a balance between functionality and design. SEO-friendly web designs use techniques that can bring more visibility to your online business. 

Reduces Bounce Rate

You can rely on a good website design to help you with reducing bounce rates. A good website design will direct and assist your audience in performing the action you want them to do. Website design can help you bring focus to the intended areas. 

You can use this to your benefit and place CTAs, promotions, and special offers. You can also make your site easily navigable to maximize user interface. Offering a mobile-friendly website is another sure-shot way to enhance conversions.

Gives an Edge Over Competition

In this world of cut-throat competition, everyone is looking for ways to stay afloat. The best part is that a good website can help you with that! If you want to attract consumers and outshine your rivals, updating and improving website design is critical.

Website design allows you to be distinct, unique, and do something different than your competitors. You can incorporate elements that are more relatable to your brand. The objective is to give your customers a better website that encourages them to revisit and perform the intended action.

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Good Website Design = High Conversions (The Ultimate Formula)

You’re missing out on a lot if you are not already aware that website design also affects conversion rates. Most website owners and designers tend to overlook the importance of website design for conversions. This section walks through the several ways you can use website design to boost conversions: 

Don’t Forget the CTAs.

The CTA in your web design is an opportunity to motivate and compel your visitors to perform the intended action. Most site owners assume that CTAs are simple banners with quirky texts. But, that’s not it. You need to plan your web design cautiously for the CTA to work.

The placement of the CTA should be easily spottable. Confusing, hard to read, and misplaced CTAs do not add positive results. The objective of a CTA is also to give a clear direction to the visitor. The design of your CTA can be a simple button with a statement or copy.

One of the best examples of a well-performing CTA is from Netflix. The screenshot below is a CTA by Netflix that masters the art of clever language and simple visuals. This CTA is a motivation for visitors to try out Netflix subscriptions. What’s more, it also offers a “Join Free for a Month” incentive on a button to get things moving. 


Image Credits:  Netflix CTA Compelling Users to Take Subscription

Style Guides (The Most Important of All)  

Do you think that visitors care about the overall look and feel of the website? Yes, they do! A style guide ensures that your website design is constant and carries the same appeal throughout pages. Moreover, it gives out a solid and single message to the visitor. The style guide includes colors, texts, fonts, and everything that you see on a page.

Your web design needs to follow a style guide. Style guides serve aesthetic purposes and work to give an identity to your brand and website. Without the uniformity of these components, your website can quickly come off as confusing and unpolished.

If you see WeWork’s website, they have made excellent use of the style guide. The design language and typography reflect their brand. They use every color in the palette, even though they have a single-colored logo. Their simple yet stunning design is relatable to the people who use WeWork’s products.

Wework Style Guide

Image Credits: WeWork Follows a Consistent Design System

Keep in Mind the Mobile Users

It’s time you let the mobile version of your website be the strongest suit. These days, most online users use their smartphones to surf the web. Since desktops and mobiles have different orientations, using a desktop site on phones can be challenging for users.

Moreover, your website should not appear cramped, clumsy, or miss elements regardless of visitors’ devices. There are several differences between a desktop and a mobile-friendly website.

So, if you don’t want to lose out on the maximum customers, it’s time to put some effort into developing a mobile-friendly website. Take a look at the mobile version of BuzzFeed’s site:

The banners and text are optimized to fit the dimensions of a mobile screen. Moreover, they have a collapsible menu to keep the content organized. You’ll also notice that the text is digestible and easy to grasp in all its pieces.

Buzzfeed Mobile Website

Image Credits: BuzzFeed’s Website Version for Mobiles 

Creative Visuals is the Answer

Last but not least, visuals are one of the most critical and indispensable parts of any web design. A website without colorful visuals or any media cannot reach many people. It is a fact that the attention span on the internet is pretty short. People rely on images, visuals, and audiovisual content to gather data without going through blocks of text.

Moreover, even if you have a website that requires a lot of text, using a few images can significantly help break the monotony. A website can feature an overhaul of visuals and videos to appeal to the people. Currently, gifs and memes are also becoming a part of websites.

We find Nowness’ use of visual content pretty stunning. It’s one of the most spectacular uses of videos for a website.

The Nowness website features crowdsourced videos blogs. This video blog is incredible. If you check out their website, you’ll notice the minimal use of text.


Image Credits: Nowness’ Crowdsourced Video Blogs 

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Why Web Design Is an Integral Part of Every Marketing Strategy? 

You might not know, but web design is a goldmine for marketing strategies. Do you know that effective web design can aid you in achieving your marketing goals? All web design strategies ultimately boil down to improving UX and bringing visitors back to your site. Here’s how web design strategies help in marketing:

Helps With User Experience 

If your web design uses large-sized images and lots of other visual content, it will likely slow down the website. There’s no hiding that a slow website has repercussions. If the website speed is sluggish, visitors quickly abandon it.

As a result, you need to incorporate a website design that is quick and satisfies the users. Your market strategies can piggyback on your brilliant web design to attract more visitors.

Offers Consistent Branding Opportunities 

We’ve mentioned earlier that your website is like a contact point. It is also worth noting that it is the first offering of your business to the consumers. Since the website is the first impression, you must make sure it counts. Ask yourself – how does the website design stack up?

Make sure that the look and feel of your site syncs with the rest of your business’ marketing materials. Your website content should deliver the message about your brand’s value and ethos. Here are a few things to consider in your website design that relates to marketing:

  • Overall messaging 
  • Types of visual content 
  • Typeface or font 
  • Colors
  • Logo 

Enhances SEO Efforts 

One of the most significant benefits of a good website design is enhancing SEO practices. In the current-day search engines, SEO has become one of the essential aspects. It is why companies should overhaul their sites to make them more SEO-friendly.

Original and keyword-rich content should be a part of every website. These SEO efforts, in turn, will attract more visitors looking for the content your website already features. A good website design ensures successful digital marketing by improving traffic and ranking.

Lastly, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) 

Conversion rate refers to the number of site visitors who perform the intended action, such as signing up for newsletters or buying a product. A practical and good web design uses an improved layout, exciting tests, and appealing visuals to motivate visitors to take that action.

In a nutshell, website design also plays a role in conversion rate optimization. Your online business can up its conversion rate by improving aspects of the website.

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What Makes a Good Business Website?

A good business website uses a combination of elements to ensure all aspects of the website yield positive results. Firstly, you have to make sure that you update the website regularly. Moreover, rich pieces of content such as text and visuals can add to the website.

Also, you should optimize a business website for search engines. Try to use SEO practices to take the ranking of your website higher on search engines. Moreover, easy navigation and seamless interface have become more critical than ever.

Should I Hire a Web Designer for Building My Online Business Site?

Many website owners attempt to build their online business sites themselves. However, it is worth mentioning that not everyone is aware of the nuances of creating a website that sells. Website design and building take immense practice and knowledge. Plus, website components and elements work in a thread.

Hiring a web designer might look costly right now. But, the benefits of a professional web designer cover the costs. Besides, a pro web designer will take care of every minute detail and offer suggestions to enhance the website.

What Should a Mobile-Friendly Website Have?

These days, people prefer using the web through devices such as tablets and smartphones rather than desktops. As a result, online businesses should not treat mobile-optimized websites as an afterthought to the desktop version. What’s more, the number of internet users online through smartphones is only bound to increase.

We’ve put together a few tips that can help you build a mobile-friendly website:

Always use the recommended page size dimensions for mobile 
Make sure you optimize your online business site for portrait orientation 
Don’t make the navigation and menu too complicated or lengthy 
Collapse secondary content wherever possible 
Minimize the form fields to enhance mobile accessibility 

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Wrap Up

Your company’s goal is to create a good impression on customers. And, what better way than an excellent website to ensure your customers are happy? You should also know that your website is the initial contact point between you and your consumers.

So, don’t you think making a good web design is not an option but a necessity?

The current generation of buyers and consumers expect more than just a standard website layout. In the 21st century, user experience, visual appeal, intuitive design, and easy navigation matter a lot!

So, are you ready to nail your online presence with us?

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Written by:
Nate Fineberg
Nate Fineberg is the owner, president and CEO of Group6 Interactive. With a long history in the creative space as a high performing web developer, he has decades of enterprise level industry experience. Before starting Group6 Interactive, Nate worked as a web developer at IDEA, a Houston Texas based creative agency before moving on to SONY, located in San Diego California, as a senior Web Developer.
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