Catamount Asset Management

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The Client

Asset Management & Retirement Planning

Client name:
Catamount Asset Management

About the company:
Catamount Asset Management & Retirement Planning, in Rutland Vermont manages investments for individuals and small businesses with a focus towards balanced index strategies using low cost ETFs and mutual funds. This allows them to help their clients be more successful at achieving long-term financial goals like retirement planning or estate preservation while minimizing risk through reduced exposure to individual stocks.

Date of Project:
April, 2021



Refreshing a generic logo to be more inline with the brand

The objective of this logo refresh was to bring the company into the modern age visually, while keeping elements of their current logo. Establish brand colors and typography that speak to their specific industry while adding subtle visual elements that make it uniquely similar but also encompass aspects from its past design in order for clients to feel a sense of continuity with each new iteration.


Making an old logo look new while keeping its roots

The look and feel of their new logo needed to incorporate visual elements from the old one as not to mislead clients into thinking The Company had changed. This meant focusing more closely on what made up their original logo: namely, clearly displaying the Catamount while reducing any unnecessary emphasis around other aspects like color or shape.

The solutions

The logo was updated to reflect aspects of the company that have been established in the past. The new design shows a sense of tradition, knowledge, experience and heritage; the core values of Catamount Asset Management.

Logo Exploration

Designing a new logo for specific application & uses

Their new logo design needed to be versatile. Instead of being specific for print and stationary materials, the updated logo had a slightly different focus on versatility so that it can adapt well with use in many mediums like signage and website design.

Typography and Colors

Establishing visual elements that evoke emotion

Blue is used as a primary color scheme, which is chosen to evoke a sense of professionalism and loyalty. Secondary colors are used for emphasis on additional mediums.

Title font
Lexend SemiBold, its geometrical appearance compliments the Catamount Asset Management logo and brings a modern look.

Body text
Lato Regular, a Sans Serif font with great readability and elegant appearance.

Decorative font
Bitter Medium Italic, used for quotes, highlights and other purposes when text needs to have outstanding look.

The result

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