Otter Creek Communications Union District

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Internet Experience That You Deserve

Client name:
Otter Creek Communications Union District

About the client:
The Otter Creek Communications Union District (OCCUD) exists to help support the municipalities in and near the Rutland Region by bringing them fast, reliable fiber internet services.

Date of Project:
November, 2020



Internet Access For All

In the digital era, it’s hard to imagine life before internet access. Fortunately, for organizations like Otter Creek Communications Union District, fast and reliable internet services have expanded.

Along with this development, the company also wants a logo that illustrates its reach of rural towns across Vermont—a service they provide reliably through their communication union district fiber-optic network


Visual Appeal With An Emotional Side

Expectations for modern logos are constantly increasing, and it’s now common knowledge to consider more than just aesthetics when designing one.

The organization wants a technologically driven logo with an emotionally engaging feeling that can help form an instant connection.

The solutions

The updated logo must capture the modern trend of “emotional” design while still holding on to its advanced technological feeling. This balance would be best achieved with an icon and typeface that can express emotionality in typography without sacrificing what people associate the OCCUD with.

Logo Exploration

A Minimalist Look Of Wireless Connectivity

The new logo offers a minimalistic yet modern aesthetic to represent the internet’s wireless network connection in its visual design.

The symbol for internet connectivity with strands of signals or connectivity is an effective change that adds meaning to the logo.

Typography & colors

The New Look

The use of a blue and white color palette emphasizes the visual element of  wireless network connections while also retaining a minimalistic feel.

The addition of other colors to complement these two colors that create interoperability that the fiber connectivity solutions present.

Title & body font
Dosis Regular, a simple, monoline rounded sans serif font, clean and modern with an expression of technology.

The result

A simple yet refreshing logo that speaks to the use of fiber internet connection technology.

Logo Variation

Design Tailored To Its Purpose

Light-colored and dark backgrounds may seem like an inconsequential detail, but it plays a much more significant role in the overall appearance of the logo.

Traditional and simplistic, the logo focuses on what matters most – connecting with emotions.

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