Wanderlust Canine Services

About the project

The client

Dog day care & training in Vermont

Client name:
Wanderlust Canine Services

About Company:
Wanderlust Canine Services is a daycare for dogs that offers holistic socialization and training. The play, work, rest rotation not only mentally fulfills your dog but also provides physical exercise they need to have healthy lifestyles outside of their time spent at our facility.

Date of Project:
May, 2021



Refreshing outdated branding

The objective behind this project was not only to refresh our client’s branding but also help them brand themselves in one cohesive design system so they could be more efficient when creating marketing materials like advertisements or print collateral offline. We wanted their new look and feel to have a friendly tone with sharp attention grabbing elements while still maintaining some uniqueness.


A balanced dog is a good dog

Beyond colors and typography, this logo redesign needed to focus on the business’s philosophy. Providing personal dog training services that will encourage healthy and happy lifestyles for dogs. With a change in posture showing exactly how they are feeling at any given time, it was important that these philosophies were embedded throughout all aspects of their logo.

The solutions

A modern and creative update to the old logo, with a core focus on balanced, good dog. The design uses colors and typography to give a warm feeling throughout the brand identity, while still maintaining its original style of simplicity that can’t be ignored.

Logo Exploration

A fun and friendly design style

The logo design for this project had a unique advantage in that it could take on its own shape. With the limited constraints from a usage standpoint, the focus shifted to designing something friendly, minimal and caring.

Typography & colors

Establish branding with typography & colors

Green hues are used as the primary color scheme, green is a color that can make you feel optimistic and refreshed. Green symbolizes health and new beginnings, it’s easy on the eyes, depicts growth and security.

Title font
Yeseva One Regular, its dreamy appearance compliments the Wanderlust logo and brings an outstanding look.

Body text
Poppins Regular, a Sans Serif font with great readability and elegant appearance.

Decorative font
Poppins Medium, used for quotes, highlights and other purposes when text needs to achieve outstanding look.

The result

A new logo for the Wanderlust Canine Services that is clean and simple, but also includes some key playful elements.

Logo variation

A solution for light & dark backgrounds

A logo is only as good as its colors, and the light versus dark contrast can be a big deciding factor. The right branding strategy needs to consider both versions of the logo in order for it to shine on any background or surface.

Logo Applications

A logo design for not only web and social media

The primary applications included outdoor signage, website use and social media along with additional uses such as T-Shirts, sweatshirts tank tops and hats. Alongside the full logo design an abbreviated icon has also been designed for specific application needs.

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