6 Digital Marketing Strategies for Your Campaign

By: Nate Fineberg
March 28, 2022
Digital Marketing Strategy

If you’ve never marketed your business on the internet before, it can be hard to know where to begin. There are so many marketing strategies and so many digital channels for you to choose from. There may be multiple audiences, current, and potential customers, all of whom you want to attract to your business. On the one hand, you may need a campaign to achieve short-term sales; on the other, long-term growth. 

Group6 Interactive can help you master a variety of digital strategies to increase brand awareness, drive sales, and help your business grow. Here’s a look at 6 key strategies we may recommend incorporating into your digital campaign. 

Use Paid Advertising to Get Your Business’s Name Out There 

Often, business owners associate digital marketing with search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is designed to help your website get to the top of organic search results. However, search engines display more than just organic search results. They also display ads, which take up the most prominent positions on any search engine results page. 

With paid search ads, you can fast-track your way to the top of search results. Google Ads and other types of PPC ads let you target specific keywords within a geographic region, so you can reach people who are searching for the exact types of products and services your business offers. With strong ad designs and conversion-driven landing pages, you can quickly gain more recognition for your business.  

Create Content to Educate People About Your Business

If you have a great website, you already have a foundation for your digital marketing campaign. However, even the most well-designed websites need great copy and new content to stay relevant and useful. Adding a blog to your website is an effective way to get more information out about your business and the industry you’re in. 

As you create new content and regularly update your website, you’ll see a boost in your organic search rankings as well as an increase of traffic to your website. Blog content also provides easily shareable links to pair with other marketing strategies like social media marketing and email marketing.  

Connect With Existing Customers Through Social Media Marketing

While it’s always essential to get new customers visiting your business, you’ll also want to foster connections with previous clients to keep them coming back. Social media allows your brand to connect with your clients in a more personal way, so your brand is always top of mind when your services are needed. 

Social media provides you with a platform to reach target audiences. For example, if you decide to run ads on Facebook, you’ll be able to customize the audience for those ads using detailed demographics like income and hobbies. 

In addition to posting content on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, you should also engage your followers by responding to their comments, hosting contests and surveys, and sharing posts from your local community. Of course, these tasks can be time-consuming, which is why many businesses choose to outsource their social media marketing to digital agencies like ours. 

See More Return Business With Email Marketing 

Social media isn’t the only way to reach out to people who’ve engaged with your business in the past. Email marketing is another strategy that can encourage customers to return to your business after they’ve made a purchase or even simply visited your website. 

With an email marketing campaign, you can send out seasonal service reminders, discounts and promotions, or even abandoned cart notifications. These emails are often just the nudge that customers need to complete a purchase. 

Your other marketing efforts like social media ads can help you build your email marketing list by encouraging users to leave their contact info, so you can follow up with them in the future. Then, you can use email marketing to provide general updates about your business with an email newsletter. 

Go Local With Search Engine Optimization

Earlier, we touched on search engine optimization (SEO). This is an important strategy for getting your business seen on the web, but it can take time to see results. One way to make your SEO campaign more effective is by thinking locally. 

Local SEO is a focused effort on ranking high in searches within a specific geographic region. This is achieved using tools like local directories, Google Business Profile, and locally focused keyword targeting. With Local SEO, you’ll stand out against your most direct competitors within the market and get plenty of attention from searchers nearby who are the most likely to pay for your services. After all, if your business is located in Rutland, VT you’re likely to benefit most by getting the attention of searchers in Rutland as opposed to searchers on the west coast. 

Written by:
Nate Fineberg
Nate Fineberg is the owner, president and CEO of Group6 Interactive. With a long history in the creative space as a high performing web developer, he has decades of enterprise level industry experience. Before starting Group6 Interactive, Nate worked as a web developer at IDEA, a Houston Texas based creative agency before moving on to SONY, located in San Diego California, as a senior Web Developer.
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