Benefits and Advantages of Local SEO (must read no 6 & 7)

By: Nate Fineberg
March 7, 2022

Benefits of Local SEO

In today’s digital age, many companies are taking advantage of all the benefits of Local SEO. You may have heard of SEO or search engine optimization before, but have you ever wondered how Local SEO can benefit your brand? According to “Search Engine Watch,” 50% of all mobile searches are for local results. This stat shows that there are a huge amount of people in search of your business on mobile devices. There are many advantages of Local SEO, which we will explore in this article.

What is SEO?


SEO is essentially the practice of improving a website’s search engine rankings to show up higher in organic search results. Search engine optimization is mostly done by targeting specific search phrases, building backlinks, and optimizing user experience and site technical performance. More nuances are involved in getting SEO just right. Still, the important thing to know is that your website’s SEO is a great foundation for your digital marketing strategy.

Before we go into more details about why Local SEO is important for any local business out there, let’s understand what Local SEO is:

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is the practice of improving the ranking of your website in specific geographic areas. With the help of Local SEO, you can generate organic traffic to your website or local business’s office and generate revenue without spending on paid ad campaigns. The main goal of local SEO is to make it easier for people in your area to find your business and become your customers.

Why is Local SEO important for your business?

Local SEO is important for your business because it improves online visibility and reputation. Also, it exposes your brand and website to potential consumers, which means more qualified leads and sales.

Local SEO is important for your business:

For example, when you search this keyword: “Rutland web design VT” or other variations of this search phrase, you will likely see us (Group6 Interactive) in the top three local maps. This is why Local SEO is important; it features your services and products before your target audiences in search results for relevant local keywords; keywords with local search intent.

Why Local Seo Is Important For Small Businesses - Rutland Web Design Vt - Google Search

You can see that Local SEO benefits your local business’s growth. Local SEO can help you increase traffic and conversion rates by positioning your business as the best option for customers in their locality when they search for the products you sell or services you offer.

Benefits, Importance, and Advantages of Local SEO for local businesses

Suppose you have a local business or any business that has to do with local customers. There are many reasons why you should invest in Local SEO. Let’s explore the advantages and benefits of Local SEO for small and local businesses without further ado. 

Local SEO can benefit your business in a variety of ways, including:

Local SEO Boost’s Brand Awareness

One of the major reasons why Local SEO is beneficial for local business owners is to increase their visibility on search results. Local SEO helps your business and website become more visible to local users on search engines.

Along with boosting your ranking in the search results list, local SEO can help you appear in results on Google Maps and in the Local Pack of businesses that may appear at the top of a search engine results page (SERP). That means greater brand awareness for users in your area. 

Besides potentially increasing sales and boosting brand awareness, it can also improve your company’s reputation.

Local SEO Can Increase Organic Traffic to Your Website

One of SEO’s main goals is to increase website traffic. With Local SEO, you can have more people visiting your website, which gives you a higher chance of selling your products and services without PPC campaigns.

When your business ranks on the local three pack, it encourages people to click on your website’s link to visit it – this is one of the reasons why Local SEO is important for your business’s growth.

Benefits Of Seo - More Organic Traffic From Google Search And Maps

Although all your site visitors won’t make a purchase, increased traffic from Local SEO still has many benefits, especially if your site is engaging and encourages users to click through to multiple pages. 

Having high rankings on SERPs means that more people are likely to see your website’s content when they search for it online. Local SEO can help you rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Optimizing your website and Google Business Profile (GBP) for local keywords and ensuring your content is relevant and engaging can give your business an edge over other companies in the area. This will increase your chances of being found by potential customers looking for your service or product.

Local SEO Can Increase Your Conversion Rates

Investing in local SEO can help improve your business’s conversion rates. How? It markets your business toward your target audience, which is much more efficient than marketing to everyone. Since Local SEO helps bring relevant web traffic to your website and business office address, there’s a higher chance of converting leads into customers.

Benefits Of Local Seo - Of Local Search Traffic On Mobile Phones Converts - Group6 Interactive
Benefits of local seo – stats

When people find your website through local search queries, it means more conversions; according to “Search Engine Watch,” 80% of Local SEO traffic from mobile devices converts. Local SEO is ideal for any business that wants to generate qualified organic traffic that converts.

Local SEO Helps in the Reduction of Advertising Expenses

Having great Local SEO rankings means that customers can easily find your business without you needing to pay for an advertisement. 

When people search online for relevant local search terms that your website ranks highly for, they will find you all by themselves.

This can reduce your marketing expenses and save you money while continuing to bring in business deals.

Local SEO benefits your business because it can reduce advertising costs and is a relatively long-lasting marketing solution.

Take a look at the cost of getting one click or visitor to your website if you are targeting local customers with PPC campaigns on Google:

Benefits Of Seo - It Reduces Ppc Ad Cost And Marketing Expensesl

Assuming you need ten (10) clicks, you should budget between $970-$1400. That’s a lot of money for a small business starting with a limited ad budget. Considering no ads, that’s an extra $970-$1400 savings for your business from PPC alone!

Unlike PPC advertisements that are pricey and only improve business for a short period (while the ad campaign is active), Local SEO creates continual business growth without spending on ads. Local SEO is worth investing in, especially if you’re a small business owner with a tight advertising budget. 

When people find your website through organic search results and land on the pages with the highest relevance for their locality, it will likely result in more conversion than targeted paid campaigns would generate while saving you money on PPC campaigns.

Local SEO Helps Your Business Get More Calls and Foot Traffic

One of the benefits of local SEO is that it can help your business get more calls and foot traffic. This is because people searching for companies, products, or services in your area will likely become your customers.

When prospects call you on the phone or drive to your business address, they are ready to be your customer because they are hot leads (prospects at the bottom of your sales funnel are hot leads).

Get Access to Useful Data

Local SEO gives you access to measurable data about your Google Business Profile and how your site is performing. This is a huge benefit since that data can help you determine what’s working, what isn’t, and how to improve your business further.

Want to generate organic traffic without spending on ads?

Contact us today for local SEO services.

Summary: Benefits, Importance, and Advantages of Local SEO 

Optimizing your business’ local SEO can also give you a leg up on the competition, getting more people to choose your company. 

Suppose you prioritize SEO while your main competitor relies solely on other paid marketing strategies. In that case, your brand will most likely be easier to find online, giving you a better chance of winning customers than them.

In other words, you get to enjoy all of the benefits of Local SEO listed above by optimizing your Google Business Profile without paying a hefty amount on advertising. You can optimize your GBP/GMB and website for Local Search by yourself; however, if you need a professional SEO agency to rank your business in the three packs on Google search engine result pages.

Contact us to rank your business and website on Google SERP. 

What are local SEO benefits?

There are many benefits we get from Local SEO; below are some of the:
Local SEO increases your website traffic and local search rankings.
You will get more potential customers looking for products, services, or information specific to your website or locality.
It increases your web visibility and online brand presence.
It saves you money on PPC campaigns.
Search engine results and local maps will get more foot traffic to your business address.

How local SEO can help your business?

Local SEO can help promote your business locally by increasing traffic to your website within that region. People start most of their research online; they will look for information about your company or products you sell through search engines like Google. Ensuring that your website and local business are localized for the relevant regions, and search terms can be extremely beneficial for your business.

Why is local search so important?

Local search is important for a variety of reasons, some of which are outlined below:
Local search is the engine that drives qualified traffic to your website.
It’s a great way to target potential customers who are in your local area.
It can help position your business as an authority in your industry.
It can help you increase brand visibility and reputation.
It can help you win more business leads and deals.
Local search is an essential element of any online marketing strategy. 
To rank well in local searches and maps, you must ensure that your website and local business profile are optimized. 
If you have any further questions on local SEO, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Why local SEO is important for small businesses?

Local SEO is important for small businesses because it helps your business rank higher in local search results pages (SERPs) for specific keywords.
As a small business owner, you know that ranking high in local search can be the key to success, and local SEO can help you achieve this goal.

How local SEO can help your business?

Local SEO can help your business by increasing visibility in your local area and improving the organic search prominence for your website. This can lead to higher web traffic and increased customer engagement.

Leveraging Local SEO Can Grow Your Business

If you’re ready to improve your brand with local SEO, you can rely on the Group6 Interactive team to help you see results. 

We’re a professional SEO and Web design company based in Rutland, VT

We provide top-notch digital marketing services to companies all across the country.

Our talented team knows what it takes to create and implement effective marketing strategies, including local SEO. 

When providing local SEO services for your company, we’ll mainly focus on offsite services to boost your website’s authority, such as:

  • Directory listing management
  • Google My Business (GMB) listing optimization and management
  • Increasing visibility in local search queries and Google Maps
  • Getting more websites to link to your company’s website

If all that sounds nice but also a little intimidating, don’t worry – we’ll take care of everything for you. 

All you have to do is sit back and enjoy knowing that our team is working hard behind the scenes.

Contact us to learn more about our services and get a free quote!

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